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Eau de Parfum Les Femmes


B. Escalante. Eau de Parfum N #8 Les Femmes.
I went every day by a friend’s work and she had a perfume Les Femmes N#8. She had it on top of her desk, and each time I went I used to try some on myself, I really liked the smell, I think is timeless, nor for winter, neither summer (We women usually look to the season we are, for the perfumes we use). Now I bought for myself and my husband, and he has also coincided with the perfume N#1, loves it and lasts long on his clothes.

Ana has tried the Eau de Parfum N #8 Les Femmes.
Its smell is pleasant, peculiar and unique; my husband thinks that it reminds him of the smell of the female body, becoming gratifying and stimulating. As soon as I started using it I noticed that there was a change in the attitude of my husband towards me. I can say that his interest on me is greater than before using it and our intimate relationships have increased and improved since. This perfume has revolutionized my relationship and even my circle of friends notice it, they are also under the "spell" and can say they are more aware of my presence.

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Emilio N., Ana's husband, has tried the Eau de Parfum N #1 LesHommes.

Since I´ve used this perfume, I have noticed a change in the relationship with my wife. She is always closer to me as soon as I apply it and I noted that she significantly was more attentive to me. This has resulted in an intimate relationship more pleasant and fuller for the two. I have been able to verify that the perfume N#1 Les Hommeshas something that acts in a very positive way.

Emilio N. also tested the Après Rasage N #7.

This aftershave treatment surprised me twice. Its texture and smell are so nice that is irresistible to apply. Which allows me to use it even in other parts of my body like might be some intimate areas. Using it guarantees me areaction from my couple that immediately responds sensually to its perfume.
Its use is now essential to me.

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